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Changeable textile products by Using Temperature of Human and Sunlight for The Backpacker Boutique Hotel in Bangkok
(case study : Lub.d hostel bangkok)

thesis exhibition 05-06 march 10

'The project of textile design for Lub.d hostel aims to present the way of using thermochromic and photochromic for pattern design in order to response the product users through body touching and sunlight.'

thesis exhibition 05-06 march 10

It also presents the image of Bangkok that creates pleasure and smile from the product users--backpack tourists aged 15 – 35 who are targets of Lub.d hostel. The textile products are used for both hotel decoration and souvenirs for hostel customers. The way of design is based on stencil graffiti art and line drawing reflected to joyful image of the hotel.

mood and keyword

Lub.d hostel by art4d magazine

From the study of behavior in product use by touching and temperature change, it can be concluded types of products used in the project following:

*Wall decoration
1 piece size 1209x60 centimeters (whole length of hotel wall)

2 pieces size 103.5x45x7 centimeters and 149x45x7 centimeters (same size of the old hotel chairs)

*Beanbag chair
1 piece size 65x65x43 centimeters

2 pieces size 2700x2310 centimeters (one side of dormitory room wall)

*Pillow 2 pieces size 45x45 centimeters (rectangle form with zipper)

*Head scarf (Souvenir) 2 pieces size 50x50 centimeters (standard size)

elements sketch

From the area of studying, all pattern are created in order to agree to behavior of product use relating to temperature change,

such as touching product directly in lobby, viewpoint theater, turning on and off air-conditioning in lub d dormitory. Model selection in tripe development must be suitable for manufacture in industrial system. There are three types of cloth for the project --- Cotton, Polyester cotton, and Spendex cotton. Cloth printing technique uses screen printing with thermochromic, photochromic, and water base ink, then take the cloth to cut and sew for products.

my color changing product~~ test

photochromic color test*screen printing on cotton

thermochromic color test*screen printing on cotton
temp~25 c > touch > released

photochromic color test*screen printing on cotton

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